SK3: Sea Kayak Touring Essentials

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This class is an important step in becoming a competent sea kayaker with the proper equipment, techniques, knowledge and abilities. We'll start in our store where we'll learn about kayaks, paddle and clothing materials and sizing, chart reading and the sea kayak 10+ essentials.

Disclaimer: Those qualified for this class should be comfortable and practiced in the rudiments of paddling as taught in our SK1: Intro to Kayak & Tour class. Paddlers should also have spent time on the water practicing and refining these skills to the best of their ability before registering for our SK3 class.

After spending time in the shop we'll head onto Port Gamble Bay to learn and practice important strokes, including low and high braces. We'll also learn about edging, waterway rules, reading the water and much more. 

We recommend taking Sea Kayak 1: Intro to Sea Kayaking and 2: Capsize Recovery or the equivalent before this class. This is the third class in the Sea Kayak 1-2-3 series. For paddlers who want to hone their skills in more dynamic environments we recommend taking a tailored private lesson.

This class can be taken as a group or solo private lesson in other locations.

By taking this course you are setting yourself up to spend more time out on the water by reducing fatigue through efficient paddling technique and establishing good habits in regard to posture and boat fit that will dramatically increase your comfort while out on the water!

Your instructor will cover: Boat and Paddle Design, Provide an introduction to tides, currents and chart reading and field any other questions regarding gear selection.  When on the water we will cover, high and low bracing, edging your kayak, high and low brace turns 

Not able to make it this time, but still want to have some fun out on the water? Click here for our Summer Calendar!

What's Covered:

  • Kayak and Paddle design
  • Chart Introduction
  •  Risk assessment 
  • Paddle Planning
  • Stroke Refresher
  • High and Low Bracing
  • Draw Strokes, Static and Sculling (Move the Kayak laterally)

What to Bring:

  • Full water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun glasses with strap
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Complete change of clothes (you can keep these in your car)
  • Jacket (Windproof/Waterproof)
  • Feel free to bring a camera, but make sure it's in a waterproof case.

Where to Meet:

Olympic Outdoor Center:  32379 N Rainier Ave, Port Gamble, WA 98364


Class starts at 9:00am, but please give yourself a little time to park, change and make your way to our facility. We will wrap up at noon.

We will start class on our dock. There we will go over Kayak nomenclature, proper kayak and PFD fit and answer any questions that may arise. From the dock we will make our way onto the water and paddle within the protection of the marina to cover the strokes.

After we have had time to cover the strokes we will head out of the marina and onto Liberty Bay to put what we have learned into action!  As we make our way onto the bay we often encounter harbor seals, bald eagles, great blue heron and much more local flora and fauna.

What makes Olympic Outdoor Center a good choice?

  • Our staff are professionally Trained by ACA certified Instructors
  • Our Instructors are CPR and First Aid Certified.
  • We keep a low Instructor to student ratio for lots of individual instruction.
  • Olympic Outdoor Center has been creating paddling enthusiasts for over 30 years!

Need to Rent Gear?

Kayaks and equipment are available to rent for this class. All kayak rentals include individually fitted personal flotation device, paddle, bilge pump and paddle float. All rental equipment will be ready at our facility. Dry suits and wetsuits are also available for rent though they are not required.

Note: Recreational kayaks (under 12') are not allowed in this class. All kayaks must be fully compartmentalized (bulkheads or flotation front & back).
Paddlers who bring their own equipment will also need to bring a Life Jacket, a Bilge Pump and a Paddle Float.

For more information contact our Program Director at 360-297-4659, or