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Sleeping Pads

Sleeping pads will give you a quality night's sleep whether you are on rugged, rocky terrain or chilling at a family friendly campsite. Choose from inflatable and foam camping mattresses and you are well on your way to luxurious outdoors comfort. When sleeping matters the most, don't trust the dirt floor for quality Zs. Saddle up in some quality camping gear.We all know that comfort is subjective which is why we have put the power in your hands to decide what it means to you. A number of options are available in terms of padding, warmth, size and color, whether you are looking for a two person sleeping pad or a self-inflating mattress.Camping mattresses and sleeping pads are a more-than-adequate alternative to a regular mattress whilst car camping or thru-hiking. They help rejuvenate you after you have logged many miles on the trail. While you may be hardcore, your sleeping doesn't have to. Stretch out in a high-quality sleeping pad, and you are good to go for a full night's rest.  

Olympic Outdoor Center Digital Gift Card

Check the paddler on your list off with an Olympic Outdoor Center digital Gift Card. Certificates are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. No additional processing fees! If you are buying a gift card for someone else, you can print it out or simply forward them the redemption email received once the gift card is purchased. Read More