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Skirts & Covers

Spray skirts and cockpit covers from top manufacturers: Seals, Snap Dragon and Immersion Research found here.  We carry a large selection of skirts and covers in multiple materials for recreational, touring and whitewater kayakers alike.  Give us a call (360) 297-4659 with questions regarding materials, configuration or fit.


Flatwater Spray Skirts

Whether you are paddling at a local lake or looking to head out on the saltwater for a multi-day trip, sea kayak skirts are a great option for ease of use and performance. Shop with confidence in knowing that Snap Dragon and Seals spray skirts are some of the best in the business.

These sea kayak or flatwater spray skirts are relatively easy to get on and off your kayak and are built with comfort in mind. 

Whitewater Spray Skirts

Whitewater spray skirts from Snap Dragon, Seals and Immersion Research are built to be rugged, durable and long lasting.  Whitewater spray skirts can come equipped with a bungee or a rand to secure the skirt to the kayak and vary in thickness and elasticity to increase or decrease the amount of stretch. Let us know if you have questions regarding configuration or sizing, (360) 297-4659 we are here to help!

Covers and Accessories

Large selection of kayak cockpit covers in a variety of materials ranging from Nylon to Neoprene.  Nylon cockpit covers are outstanding when used inside to keep the creepy crawlers out of your kayak.  If you are going to store your kayak outside and or transport it a fair amount, we recommend a cockpit cover made of either vinyl or neoprene which will stand up to the elements better and provide a fit that is a bit more snug for transport.