Paddle Kitsap: Fay Bainbridge Park to Keyport Marina ‑ August 13, 2022

by Olympic Outdoor Center

Explore a leg of the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails on this 7 mile paddle that Starts at Fay Bainbridge Park and ends at the Keyport, WA marina. All ages are welcome, we only require a sense of adventure and enthusiasm!

info Kayaks must be fully compartmentalized (bulkheads or flotation front & back). Those not renting will also need to bring a life jacket, bilge pump & paddle float.

What's Included:

  • Snack Pack and Water 
  • Professional Guides & Safety Boaters on the water
  • Shuttle
  • Ice Cream Social in Keyport.
  • $5 donation to Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails

What to Expect

  • This year we will be paddling from Fay Bainbridge Park catching the incoming tide as we pass thru Agate Pass to Keyport. Routes can change due to weather.
  • The shuttle will take place before the paddle.
  • You will be paddling 7.4 miles. You can paddle about as fast as you can walk so that’s about 2-3 hours paddle time.
  • *Paddlers should expect a decent amount of physical activity and exercise.
  • We have a good tide this day so we will  be helped by the current. 
  • Wind can come up at any time which may make the paddle harder.
  • You will be paddling close to shore but conditions will be exposed so bring some warm clothes.
  • We are providing a snack and water but you will want to bring more food like energy bars or if you have any food allergies.

Where to Meet and Time (subject to change often)

Where: Keyport Marina Address:  Keyport Mercantile & Sandwich

15499 Washington Ave NE, Keyport, WA 98345

  • Meet time is 7:30am in Keyport
  • You will be leaving your vehicle here.
  • You and your gear will be shuttled in our vans & trailers to the putin.
  • Shuttle : leaves: 8:00am
  • We Drive you and your equipment to Fay Bainbridge Park:

Where does the Paddle Start:

Fay Bainbridge Park: 15446 Sunrise Drive NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Timeline (subject to change often):

  • 7:30am – Meet at Keyport Merchantile, Keyport WA
  • Shuttle starts as soon as van is full
  • 8:00am – Last shuttle
  • 8:30am – Paddler Meeting at Fay Bainbridge Park
  • 9:00am – start paddle
  • 10:00am – Rest Stop Old Man House
  • 10:30am – Leave for Keyport
  • Noon-1pm Arrive Keyport
  • 1pm - Social

When is the shuttle?

If you are shuttling your own gear before the tour?

            Take your gear to Fay Bainbridge Park. We will be setup next to the boat ramp. Drop your gear and any other participants and return to Keyport Mercantile for the shuttle starting at 8:00am. If you are shuttling yourself please disregard the shuttle information and be at the putin at the meet time.

If we are shuttling your gear?

Meet us at Keyport Mercantile & Sandwich

15499 Washington Ave NE, Keyport, WA 98345

and park your vehicle close to the boat ramp. Go to check in. Your gear will be loaded on our trailers and taken to the put in with you during the shuttle. Boats are loaded 3 to a rung on the trailer. If you rather, please shuttle your boat before the tour and meet us back here before 8am, if you need the shuttle.

If you are taking our shuttle and leaving your car.

            Meet us at Keyport Mercantile and park your vehicle. Go to check in and take the shuttle to the waterfront park.

If you are renting gear?

            Meet us at Keyport Mercantile(if you are leaving your car at the end) or at Fay Bainbridge park(if not leaving a car), your gear will already be at the put in. Go to check in and take the shuttle.

What Time Will It End?

          We will end around 1-2pm.

 What To Bring – Paddle Bainbridge Tour

(We paddle in Light Rain. We do not paddle in high winds or lightning if avoidable)

Recommended Paddling Gear for those bringing their own boats:

  • Boat has bulkheaded flotation in the bow and stern or a sit-on-top.
  • Boat has a bow line attached to the bow, 6 feet minimum
  • Paddle Leash (optional)
  • Spray Skirt (sit-in kayaks)
  • Bilge pump & paddle float (sit-in kayaks)
  • Waterproof cases for camera / cell phone
  • Dry Bags
  • PFD with Whistle
  • Sunscreen
  • Light Lunch
  • Cash for Mercantile goodies
  • Paddle Clothing
  • ID

Recommended Paddle Clothing:

  • Paddling Gloves
  • Dry Suit (Optional but a good idea)
  • Wet Suit or Neoprene Tops or Bottoms (Optional but a good idea)
  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses with strap
  • Shoes that can get wet, tennis shoes, sandals with straps or hard sole water shoe, NO flip-flops.
  • Short or long pants depending on weather (Ideally synthetic).
  • Short or long sleeve shirt depending on the weather (Ideally
  • synthetic).
  • Change of clothes left In your car If the ones your wearing gets wet.
  • Towel for After (Always nice)
  • Warm Fleece jacket, NOT cotton (Windproof if available)
  • light waterproof/water resistant jacket.
  • If bringing electronics (phone, camera, etc.) put in dry bag or Double baggie or provide a waterproof case.
  • Put Your name on all of your belongings, we are not responsible for lost or stolen gear especially phones, cameras, watches, etc.

* Recommended Clothing will be a function of risk. Consider: Water Temp, Air Temp, Sea State, our proximity to shore, Current, Paddler Experience, Group Experience to name a few. The higher the risk the paddle for the day the more important thermal protection like Neoprene or a dry suit become.  Please let us know if you have any questions about what to wear.

Tipping your guides are always a nice gesture for excellent service.

IF you have any questions please call our programs director John at (360) 471-0836.

Paddle Kitsap Sponsor:

Visit Kitsap Peninsula (VKP) is an economic development organization responsible for promoting the Kitsap Peninsula region to attract and educate travelers and planners that in turn generate retail sales and tax revenues for businesses and local, state and federal governments.

Need to Rent Equipment for the Event?

We have single kayaks, double kayaks and stand up paddlebaords available to rent for the event. All rentals include individually fitted personal flotation device and paddle. Kayak rentals include a bilge pump and paddle float. A short lesson or refresher is also included with each rental, as well as help with fitting of all equipment. All rental equipment will be delivered to and picked up from the event by OOC.

Note: Kayaks must be fully compartmentalized (bulkheads or flotation front & back) and seaworthy; no missing hatches or broken parts. Those not renting will also need to bring a life jacket, which must be worn at all times, a whistle, bilge pump & paddle float if using a sit-in kayak.


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