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Sit-on-Top Kayak Rental - Port Gamble

Olympic Outdoor Center has something for everyone! Rent Single and Double sit on top kayaks from 32379 N Rainier Ave., Port Gamble, WA 98364. Kayak rentals are now available by appointment only. Rentals are by the hour and available for groups from the same household. *Reservations may be canceled at anytime due to adverse conditions. Read more 

Sit-on-Top Kayak Rental - Port Gamble

Where Kayak Rentals are Available

* Weather Permitting. 

What's Included with Rentals

All Rentals include a basic instruction from our fun, knowledgeable staff, guidance of the local area and conditions, as well as a safety talk. Kayak rentals include boat, paddle, life jacket, paddle float, and bilge pump.

On-site rentals are now on an appointment basis. Please call us at (360) 297-4659 for group or off-site rentals.

Please see our Rental Terms & Conditions. You can save time by filling out our Rental Release Form beforehand.

Hourly Rental Rates

  1 Hr 2 Hrs 3 Hrs Day
Single Kayak $20 $30 $40 $90
Double Kayak $28 $38 $48 $120

COVID Considerations and Requirements:

  • If you are paddling in a group, your group needs to consist of the same household. 
  • Maintain a distance of six feet from our staff and others
  • Please be patient, it make take some time to get you or your group on the water if we have a considerable amount of traffic. 
  • While waiting please form a line in marked areas and maintain social distancing requirements of 6 feet.
  • All transactions are credit or debit, no cash.

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