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Pau Hana Solo SUP™ Backcountry Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

by: Pau Hana

An entire SUP package that fits into a backpack. Finally, a lightweight, ultra-packable inflatable stand up paddle board designed for the nomadic outdoor adventurer who wants to explore hidden alpine lakes and backcountry waterways.

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Brand: Pau Hana
GTIN: 850002314519

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Solo SUP™ Backcountry Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

The Solo SUP™ is a breakthrough in size, weight, portability, modularity, and integration. The development process was an exercise in the art of Japanese organization principles with a focus on “Sparking Joy” in the Konmari way. Our team spent many long weekends packing, repacking, designing, and redesigning until we hit the size, weight, and modularity goals we set out to achieve.

Driven by the challenge to reduce bulk and to save space, it lead us to the revolutionary new paddle blade design of the Solo™ Paddle, the soft rollable paddle blade. It is configurable as both a full-size SUP paddle and a Pack Raft canoe paddle. It’s extremely lightweight, compact, modular, and space-efficient.

We like drybags because we love to play in the water, whether it’s salty or fresh our stuff needs to stay dry when it needs to. That’s why we conceived the backpack as something more than just a backpack. It needed to do double duty, from being a hauler to get to the lake, to a container when paddling, so our dry stuff stays dry. It also lightweight and made from environmentally friendly TPU with a fully detachable harness that can be stowed inside the bag or attached to a bike with a strap or carabiner.

With a total package weight of just 23lbs. The whole thing has extra space for drinks, snacks, or apparel or whatever other kinds of tchotchkes you normally take with you on day hikes, there’s plenty of room for your stuff.