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Stand Up Paddling Classes & Lessons

Whether you are brand new to stand up paddle boarding and looking to get started, a seasoned paddler looking to expand your skillset, or just need a refresher, we have SUP classes and lessons for you. Hosted in beautiful, historic and charming Poulsbo, Washington, on Liberty Bay our friendly instruction environment is great for everyone to learn the necessary skills, techniques, and safety considerations so you too can be safe and comfortable while you explore the world of stand up paddling, a wonderful way to enjoy the natural beauty of Puget Sound and the Salish Sea.

Here at Olympic Outdoor Center, we have been teaching classes for over 25 years and all of our instructors are experienced paddlers skilled in multiple techniques and safety rescues and we are committed to developing and delivering the best programs possible. We hire and train skilled instructors who are passionate about teaching, the environment, and outdoor recreation. All instructors have basic first aid and CPR certifications.

SUP1: Introduction to Paddleboarding


Ready to have some serious fun and start creating abs of steel? In this class you’ll get a full body workout while learning all the basics of the sport that’s taking over the waterways, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)! Read More 

Private Instruction or Tour: Anytime

Starting at $120.00

Private Instruction from Olympic Outdoor Center: Almost any paddling topic can be covered in a private lesson. Want to improve your paddle strokes? Practice capsize recovery? Learn the Eskimo Roll? Read More