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PackTowl Original Superabsorbent Towel

by: PackTowl

The Original PackTowl is a superabsorbent outdoor towel that’s perfect for outdoor and camping enthusiasts in search of a heavy-duty, quick-drying utility towel. Read More

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Brand: PackTowl
GTIN: 040818067376

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Original Superabsorbent Towel

Our most absorbent camp towel, the versatile Original towel brings high performance to any wet task. It comes in a variety of sizes to meet any utility need, from cleaning cookware at camp, to wiping down the outside of your wet tent, to mopping up water in your boat. It’s made from a natural, sustainable fiber-based fabric that softens with every wash, so it only gets better with age.

  • 10x Absorbency:
    Superabsorbent fabric soaks up 10 times its weight in water, which can be wrung out easily.
  • Fast-drying:
    Dries over 40% faster than cotton.
  • Multipurpose:
    Perfect for everything from campsite to kitchen and workshop use.
  • Compostable:
    Towel is made of a compostable, fiber-based fabric.
PackTowl Original Sizing


Color Blue Blue Blue Blue
Weight 0.6 oz 18 g 1 oz 29 g 2.1 oz 59 g 4.4 oz 126 g
Width 10 in 25 cm 12 in 30 cm 16.5 in 42 cm 25 in 64 cm
Length 14 in 35 cm 22 in 56 cm 36 in 92 cm 54 in 137 cm
Country of Origin Made in Germany Made in Germany Made in Germany Made in Germany