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FCS Weed Racing 10" Fin

by: FCS

Lightweight race fin with severe sweep for shedding weeds.

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Brand: FCS

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Weed Racing 10" Fin

Extreme rake, narrow cord length and 10 inch blade add stability and more strokes per side. Ultra light fin material construction, plus the ability to roll right over floating seaweed.

  • Severe sweep angle easily sheds weed
  • Ideal for straight-line flat water and open ocean paddling
  • Promotes higher single-side stroke frequency
  • Stiff and lightweight carbon skin UL construction
  • Includes FCS Smart Screw


Base: 5.24" / 133mm
Depth: 10.24" / 260mm
Area: 37.20"² / 23999mm²
Sweep: 40.0º
Foil: 50/50

BASE is the length between the leading and trailing edge where the fin meets the board. Base is primarily linked to drive. Fins with a longer base will offer substantially more drive and acceleration.

DEPTH is the distance the fin penetrates into the water. Depth directly relates to hold. The greater the depth the more hold, the shorter the depth the more a board will slide and release.

AREA is the total surface area of the fin.

SWEEP is the angle measuring how far the outline of the fin is curved backwards; also referred to as rake. Sweep has a direct influence on pivot. Fins with more sweep producea longer turning arc, less sweep offers a tighter turning arc.

Foil refers to the shape and geometry of the inside and outside faces of the fin. Foils directly affect the flow of water over the surface of the fin. Different foils create variations in water flow and have a direct link to the overall performance of the fin and the board.
FLAT: A flat inside face combined with a convex outside face. The traditional flat sided foil offers an even combination of drive, pivot and hold and provides a very consistent, reliable feel over a wide variety of conditions.

INSIDE: A sophisticated hydrodynamic foil consisting of a convex outside face, a rounded leading edge and a concaved inside face. Inside foil increases the efficiency of water flow over the surface of the fin adding lift and reducing drag. The result is a fin with more options through increased hold and speed.

50/50: A symmetrical foil used on all centre fins where both sides are convex. Even water flow on both sides creates stability and control.

70/30 or 80/20: Combines the performance of a centre and side fin offering increased speed, smooth rail-to-rail transitions and a consistent feel in a variety of conditions. (Ideal for all board types and rear fin placements)


This lightweight RTM construction draws on the strength of carbon to provide immediate response when loading up the fins and driving through turns. UL fins have a highly stiff flex pattern, for this reason they suit fast surfing, and are favoured by power surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave.