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Immersion Research Arch Rival Dry Suit (2016)

by: Immersion Research

Immersion Research spent two solid years testing fabric and prototyping designs resulting in The Arch Rival. This drysuit was designed to be durable, breathable, and affordable. The Arch Rival has been re-designed for 2017 check it outRead More

Brand: Immersion Research
SKU: ir006

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Arch Rival Dry Suit (2016)

The shell is a mix of heavy duty 410 denier pack cloth in high-wear areas and 70 denier taffeta where more flexibility is needed.  The laminate is constructed from IR's proprietary 3 layer WhiteOut waterproof breathable barrier specifically designed to handle active, sweaty conditions found inside a drysuit.  The suit has latex booties instead of fabric socks because they are more durable, easy to replace and you can patch them in the field with Aqua Seal.

Both the front main zip and relief zip are flexible T-Zip zippers. Every single seam is designed for ease of taping, and every cross-seam is hot pressed.

The Front-Entry main zipper includes an additional smaller semi waterproof YKK zip that travels the length of the outer zipper flap. This makes the outer tunnel of the drysuit almost as dry as a outer tunnel on a dry top, and also allows you to get the zipper flap to lay flat without the bumps and creases found with velcro flap seals.

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  • An industrial-strength, front-entry dry suit made with IR's proprietary waterproof breathable technology custom-made for the rigors of paddlesports
  • Supple 100% nylon shell has a great hand feel and is highly tear resistant. Fabric weight is 188 gm/ sq. meter
  • Design puts a premium on simplicity and durability, making it a great choice for anyone who is hard on gear or looking for a great value in a breathable drysuit
  • Outer tunnel makes it appropriate for any high-end kayaking, while the front, cross-chest main zipper allows for easier entry.
  • Latex socks offer long-lasting, form-fitting, dry foot protection that is easily replaceable.
  • All glued-in gaskets
  • Neoprene neck gasket cover and hook and loop wrist closures

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