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Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide by Shelley Johnson

by: Ragged Mountain Press

Women's Voices, A Woman's Approach. Gear, clothing, tips, and advice; everything you need to know to get started and keep going as a self-sufficient sea kayaker. Read More

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Brand: Ragged Mountain Press
GTIN: 9780070329553

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Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide by Shelley Johnson

In Sea Kayaking: A Woman's Guide you'll find the knowledge and skills you need to become a self-sufficient paddler. Yes, you can load a kayak on a car by yourself... get in and out of your boat easily--without capsizing... help a capsized kayaker get back in her boat... perform and even learn to love an Eskimo roll! Shelley Johnson's fresh perspective and presentation of techniques and equipment provide all the tools you need to become a confident comfortable, capable, sea kayaker!

Ragged Mountain Press Woman's Guides--the first book series designed for the growing number of women who are active outdoors. These comprehensive guides provide everything you need to get started and keep going. Throughout each book you'll find tips, advice, and words of wisdom from women who've done what you're about to do--learn a new sport. At last: books for women who love the outdoors, written in a woman's voice with a woman's approach to learning.

About the Author

Shelley Johnson is a registered Maine Guide and a coastal kayak instructor certified by the American Canoe Association. Sea kayaking editor for Canoe & Kayak Magazine, she also is a frequent contributor to Atlantic Coastal Kayaker and Kayak Touring. Shelley has taught sea kayaking and watersports safety courses throughout the United States and Canada.