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The Olympic Outdoor Center wouldn't be able to survive without our amazing Program Staff!

We range from 5 staff in the winter to 20+ staff in the summer. We're honored to have some staff who have gone through summer camps who come to us for their first jobs and stay for many years. We're also honored to have countless other guides, instructors, rental and summer camp staff who bring their knowledge of and joy for paddling to our customers.

When you take a program or make a purchase with us, please make sure to thank our staff ~ they work hard!


2013 Olympic Outdoor Center Staff

Tony Lan

I have been standup paddleboarding for three years, and I am on my fourth board now. I paddle all over the Kitsap Peninsula, and ride waves in Westport. I even commute on my board and sometimes fish from it. I am a chiropractic physician who also does a lot of photography. Some of my photos can be seen at www.reflexdoc.net


Jake kvistad

My name is Jake, I've been kayaking since 2006 when I was introduced to the sport through the Boy Scouts when we completed a week long trip covering over 50 nautical miles on the Hood Canal. Since then I have kayaked all over the Puget Sound and I've even had the chance to kayak Desolation Sound in British Columbia. I've performed assisted rescues on the water and have led all kinds of tours, camps, and classes. And although I may have more experience in a kayak, I think SUPs are way more fun!


Brandon Schleiger

Throughout my life I have experienced an abundance of the great outdoors through skiing, hiking, Boy Scouts, outrigger canoeing, kayaking and the Central Kitsap Sailing Team. Through this I have learned how important an active life style is and how amazing our oceans can be. I love working for OOC because it gives me a chance to meet new people and share my love for active living with others.


Lucian “Blue” Pizanno

I have lived next to the Puget Sound my whole life, and spent many a day enjoying our local waters. Whether it be kayaking, canoeing, paddling boarding, or boating I love hanging out on the water. I started paddling in OOC's kayak camps as a kid, and I am overjoyed to be helping lead our camps this summer.


Jacob Burton

I am Jacob Burton and my passion for paddling started two years ago. Working for the Olympic Outdoor Center only increased that passion prolifically. From kayaking to paddle boarding, my entertainment is complimented with a fun exercise that one doesn't even realize. So come on down and start paddling!


Luca Lezzi

I have only been paddling seriously for about two years now and just started working with Olympic Outdoor Center to get more experience. I love talking to other paddlers and hearing their stories, comparing rolls, and what paddling stretches they do before going out on the water. It's a future dream of mine to paddle from British Columbia Canada to Alaska.


Lynn Wells

I started kayaking 1988 when we moved to Bainbridge Island and I wanted to share the water and our beautiful environment with my three young children. Through the years my padding experiences have crossed over into surfing and I am a support kayaker for Open Water swimmers. In 2008 I transitioned to a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) and that is where my true joy and passion lies. Join me for a SUP lesson or playing in the waves at Crescent Beach or most recently SUP Yoga. Life is better on, in or around the water!


Philip gates

I have loved the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I most likely spent more time in trees and in the woods than at home up until about the age of twelve. My love for the outdoors stands as true today as it did when I was twelve. This is one of the many reasons I'm excited to learn about kayaking. I've also been fortunate enough to spend time traveling. I've spent time in Asia, Mexico, and most recently three months in Europe, so it's safe to say I also enjoy traveling! One thing I love above most activities is longboarding! If the roads are dry then I'll be out and about cruising on my longboard, listening to tunes. It's very therapeutic and keeps me in a great mood.


Maile All

I have always loved the outdoors and believe that there is no better way to spend your time than outside! I have been paddling since I was very young, and growing up in Hawaii I spent almost all of my free time at the beach. I learned to surf around age 8, then started surf kayaking around age 10, and did some outrigger canoe racing around age12. I enjoy backpacking and any type of adventuring. It’s a joy for me to work in a place where I can help others have a great time outside.


Becca Cates

Becca works as part of the rental staff in Poulsbo and Silverdale. She loves being out on the water whether its in a kayak or on a paddleboard. Becca attends Western Washington University where she plays on the women's soccer team. When she is not on the field she dabbles in rock climbing, mountain biking and the occasional game of ultimate frisbee.


Keith Kuntz

I have been kayaking ever since I could say the word and each and every day I love what I do. Teaching others to kayak is not just a job for me it is a life style. I learn just as much from our customers as they do from me. The amazing outdoors we have in this area is something everyone should experience and experience on a kayak.


Mikail Dash-Green

Born in Indianola, WA, Mikail got his start paddling along the shores of Puget Sound at a young age. As his love for this great activity and mode of exploration grew, he took classes with the Mountaineers and the National Outdoor Leadership School. The pinnacle of his experience to date has been a sea-to-summit semester and 32 day unsupported sea kayak expedition in Chilean Patagonia.

Mikail is a certified Wilderness EMT, is keen to all forms of human-powered outdoor pursuits, and loves working as a guide and facilitator of outdoor experiences for people of all ages and abilities.


Zack Turley

My name is Zack Turley and am a rising sophomore at the University of Portland. I started working for the OOC last year and after a great summer filled with awesome memories, fun paddling experiences, and being crowned the 2012 Dock Olympics Champion, I couldn't wait to come back this year!!! I have always loved the feeling of being out on the water! I have kayaked around the Puget Sound many times as well as a week long kayaking trek in Desolation Sound Canada. In addition, I spent a week kayaking from Pen Rose State Park to Liberty Bay this summer! Being out on the water has always fed my love for adventure and the outdoors and I look forward to all the amazing experiences to come!!!


Tess Schorn

Tess Schorn is a student at Kingston High School and has been traveling and kayaking steadily since she was 7. She’s kayaked through Canada, Alaska, and even Mexico on her annual week long trips.

Tess also enjoys playing soccer, mountain biking, acting, and hiking with friends and family. She’s played soccer on school teams and several select teams since she was young and even plays a part in the Kitsap Trails Association with her parents. Here she is pictured in Turkey, on her 2nd time there.


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