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Washington Surf Forecast

Washington Surf Forecast

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Cresent Beach, Washington

Crescent is a beach break ideal for beginners and intermediates. Cresent can be extremely frustrating and fickle to catch. Even on days with a 10 star it can go flat in a matter of minutes, still the soft sandy beach and gentle break make it ideal for teaching, children, paddleboards, boogie boards, and just having fun on any kind of boat or board.

Needs a powerful west to northwest swell to work. Best at mid to high tide, but at dead high tide it can get flat for about 45 minutes. S-SW offshores produce the best conditions. It can get closed out at 6' surf size and above, unless there are strong SW or SE offshores. Salt Creek county park is adjacent to the east end of the bay. Crescent Park and RV is a private beach and with a reasonable day fee, you get parking and a hot shower.


Hobuck Beach, Washington

La Push, Washington

Westport, Washington